Pool cleaning tech management revolutionized

Sure, you can track where your techs are…
but what are they DOING?


Did they skip brushing? Did they empty the filter pump basket after vacuuming? What chemicals did they add and how much did that cost? With Poolbrain, you know.


Our patent pending sensor easily mounts to the cleaning pole and automatically identifies activities the tech is performing in real time. It can’t be cheated, activates in water, requires no manual input and records time-lapse video of the entire cleaning.

Alerts for manager review are generated by our software


Automatic notifications call attention to minor problems before they become big ones. You will immediately know if the pool is leaking, if chemical readings are trending the wrong way, if a cleaning activity was skipped, and if a filter needs to be backwashed or cleaned. These are just a few examples.


Managers work from an organized and constantly updating list of alerts with ample evidence to research the reason behind the alert. They can choose to take a variety of actions which can be reviewed later in a clean report that can be used to train, discipline or reward technicians and managers alike.

Save time. Save money.
Improve customer retention.

Calculates in-field chemical balancing and cost

Photos of every visit

Real-time alerts

Game changing records and analytics

Customize what you see and share

Coming fall 2018

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